What is a Democratic State Committee Person?

The State Committee Persons are the Democratic Party’s delegates to the State Convention for their respective Assembly Districts. In New York, the Assembly District is the central organizing principle. For each Assembly District, there is a male and female State Committeeperson. In Brooklyn, the State Committee Person is also a District Leader, although that is not true in all counties. The District Leaders for each County make up the Executive Committee of the County’s Democratic Party. The County Democratic Chair is normally chosen from among the District Leaders in the County. In Brooklyn, the Party Chair is Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte-Hermelyn. In Brooklyn, we have 21 Assembly Districts and thus 42 District Leaders. The State Committee Person/District Leader serves without pay for a two-year term.

What Does a District Leader State Committee Person do?

The District Leader is the on-the-ground party official who is tasked with voting at the State Convention for state-wide positions such as Governor and Lieutenant Governor, State Attorney General, State Comptroller, US Senators from New York. While not always the case, the District Leaders works with the Assemblymember and other elected officials to help ensure that:

  • The county committee positions are filled;
  • The polls are run in an orderly fashion on election day;
  • That the Party’s required poll worker positions are filled; and

As a member of the Executive Committee, the District Leaders votes within that body to endorse candidates for elections for elective offices within the County (including judicial offices), as well as city-wide, state-wide, and national offices and works to help those candidates.

How do you get to be a District Leader/State Committee Person?

When there is an opening, the Assemblymember generally will express a preference as to a replacement. Most often one comes to the attention of elected officials through community, organization all or political work. Procedurally, candidates for State Committee petition on the ballot. Because it is a Party position, unless one is challenged in a primary, collecting enough signatures is sufficient. If the challenger(s) has also collected enough signatures, there is a primary election and the candidates appear on the ballot in June.

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